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Social Cohesion 

Every TAX-DEDUCTIBLE dollar you donate helps change lives. 


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Melrose Park FC is committed to creating an atmosphere that is reflective of the spirit in which the global game of football is played, this includes participation regardless of your financial circumstances.


Football transcends language and cultural barriers, a large proportion of our community have grown up playing street football, around the world, some in extreme conditions. But their love of football won. We believe participation in grassroots football can assist new migrants and refugees to adjust to Australian society and culture, we believe football is that vehicle and we want to be that club. We also want to encourage members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to come play with us, this is important to the club.   

If someone has never played football before or if they want to take their football to the next level, or want to put a team together with friends and family, our club can assist in making it happen. 


The club is targeting players who:

  • Currently do not play for a club.

  • are migrants’ and refugee families. 

  • are members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community 

  • are females.

  • Vulnerable families


The power of football

  • The universal language of football, it crosses language and cultural barriers

  • More than just a game, it connects people and gives a sense of belonging and mateship

  • Physical activity and team purpose, assists in healing and empowering the vulnerable


With your generous donations, we can continue to expand our efforts and reach more families and children, ensuring they have access to the game, either as a player, coach, manager or supporter.

Together, we can make a profound difference in people’s lives and contribute to building a compassionate and welcoming community for all.

Join us in this meaningful journey! 

*Certain images have intentionally been blurred to protect the privacy and well-being of individuals, particularly children, in sensitive circumstances.

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