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About us

A local football club, producing high-level players, coaches, and football professionals by investing in the development of grassroots football. 

Open now to all ages!

HomeGround: Meadowbank Park, Constitution Rd, Meadowbank, NSW, 2114



We are committed to creating an atmosphere that is reflective of the spirit in which the global game of football is played, this includes participation regardless of your financial circumstances.


We play competitive football in the North West Football Association and welcome players of all ages and skill levels. Our training is based around the Spanish style of football, focusing on teamwork and developing creative players in every position.

If you have never played competitive football before or want to take your football to the next level or want to put a team together with friends then Melrose Park Football Club is for you. 



Through football, our club aims to positively contribute to the social dynamic of the Melrose Park, Ermington and Meadowbank communities and surrounding area. We encourage players who:


  • Currently do not play for a club

  • Are migrants’ and refugee families 

  • Are members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community 

  • Are females


Our club's Social and Community Development Plan ensures social inclusion is integrated into all club activities.  


The clubs-training program aims to stimulate creativity, understand and assess teamwork, instill responsibility, self-discipline, and respect for teammates, opponents, coaching staff, and facilities.

There is a strong focus on technical, physical, psychological, and ethical concepts.  

The club actively pursues opportunities for players to further develop their football skills and knowledge, this includes in areas such as coaching, refereeing, and sports management.


Julie CranePresident 

0421 913 212

Monike LisboaVice President

Chris BullockRegistrar

0421 913 212

Anthony Sahagian - Treasurer

Omar Abawi - Coach 

Danny Echeveri - Coach 

Christopher Rich - Coach

Neilab OsmanVolunteer

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