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Soccer Clinics

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We are committed to making football accessible to everyone. We play in the spirit in which the global game of football is played, regardless of your circumstances. 


Football transcends cultural and language barriers; we believe participation in football whether as a player, coach, manager, supporter or volunteer will assist refugees and new migrants to adjust to Australian culture and society. This is our focus. 

It is important to us that we have close ties with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, opening up the game to the community is our goal.


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Playing football is ridiculously expensive and for many children and families completely out of their reach. 

Melrose Park FC relies entirely on the good will of the football community. Local clubs in Northwest Sydney Football Association, at the end of each season, donates their boots and shin pads. We are a small team of unpaid volunteers who run these programs in addition to our work. As the need for such programs grow so does participation in our clinics, with up to 50 players in a series. Any donations or financial assistance to cover costs such as park hire, registration fees (competition), transport and training gear, is gratefully appreciated.  

Your donations whether big or small will assist us with continuing to deliver these programs. Tax-deductible donations available.  

*Certain images have intentionally been blurred to protect the privacy of individuals. 

Every TAX-DEDUCTIBLE dollar you donate helps change lives. 


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Thank you FIFA 

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Semi Final Under 13s 


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