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Citizen of The Year Award 2024 

Congratulations Club President Julie Crane

EXCITING Announcement!


Our incredible president, Julie Crane, was nominated by the esteemed Melrose Park Football Club committee for the City of Parramatta Citizen of The Year Awards! The best part? It was a total surprise for Julie, and we couldn't be prouder as they called her name to receive the award on stage. SHE WON! Let's give her a massive congratulations for this well-deserved achievement.

But the celebration doesn't end there – huge props to all the other nominees who are making our world a better place! A heartfelt THANK YOU to the City of Parramatta for hosting this extraordinary event that promotes kindness and recognises exceptional individuals.

MPFC is more than just a club for Julie; it's the realisation of her commitment to make football accessible for everyone, especially those who can't afford to play, and to serve as a vehicle for integrating refugees and new migrants into Australian culture. Football truly knows no boundaries! Julie has a lifelong commitment to the local community and has been helping people from all walks of life away from the spotlight her whole life impacting lives, and especially through initiatives like the Soccer Clinic Program, the Street Football World Cup Tournament, and the Intercultural Community Festival.

This award is a shining recognition of Julie's dedication to the club and the numerous initiatives that enrich our community. We strongly believe in the mantras: what goes around comes around, and living is giving!

We eagerly anticipate the new season and all the fantastic things 2024 has in store. A huge shoutout to the MPFC team and players – your hard work is the backbone of our success!

Curious about our Social Inclusion Program and Soccer Clinics? Head to our website to discover how you can get involved and be part of something amazing, please click here

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