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Intercultural Community Festival 

Annual Event
(Accompanies the Street Football World Cup tournament each November)

The Intercultural Community Festival is for everyone!

The Community Festival is an opportunity to bring together and celebrate the many different cultural and language groups within the region. Surrounding the Tournament is different community groups promoting/sharing their interests with local community, market stalls, food and music.

We are taking this opportunity to engage and educate everyone participating or just coming down to be part of it, sustainable choices. We have encouraged community members or groups, including people up-cycling, recycling or has a sustainability message to participate. We ask stall holders to bring their own canopy, tables and water bottle, this is a single use plastic free event, and we ask everyone to take away their waste. Recycling stations has been set up by Ryde City Council.

Welcome to our community event, a vibrant celebration of unity and progress! At the heart of our gathering lies a profound commitment to fostering inclusion and embracing diversity. Through a harmonious blend of engaging soccer and sports activities, workshops on sustainable choices and recycling, and inspiring talks on community engagement, we aspire to weave a tapestry of togetherness that transcends boundaries. By coming together, we not only promote physical well-being but also cultivate a deeper understanding of our shared responsibility towards the environment and the community. Join us in this collective journey towards a brighter future, where every individual's voice is heard, sustainable choices are championed, and the bonds of our community grow stronger with each step forward.

Intercultural Festival

  •  Between 30 to 50 small market stalls and food vendors

  •  Market stalls are prioritised for members of the local community to promote or sell their arts, crafts, second hand and upcycle goods, foods, etc

  •  Environmental and sustainable living organisations participate in both event and event management including local Indigenous representatives

  •  Sensory tent

  •  Performers and musicians from the different cultural groups move throughout the festival

  •  Face painting – national flags (World Cup theme)

  •  Special guest celebrities will make appearances during the day

Community support
The Street Football World Cup Tournament and Intercultural Festival has the unanimous support of City of Ryde Councillors refer to Mayor Minute. Other community groups that support this event are:

  • Northwest Sydney Football Association

  • Mahboba’s Promise – Ryde

  • Christian Community Aide – Eastwood

  • Insideout Football – Homebush Bay

  • Police Citizens Youth Club

  • Ryde Intercultural Network

  • Madiba Pty Ltd

Partner organisations/groups involved in both the tournament and festival:

  • North West Sydney Football Association

  • Dyss Events

  • Western Sydney Wanderers

  • Football NSW

  • PCYC (Police, Citizens, Youth Club)

  • Mahboba Promise

  • Marist 180

  • Local schools and youth groups

  • Ryde Intercultural Agency Network

  • Christian Community Aide – Eastwood

  • Ryde Intercultural Network members

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