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Street Football World Cup

Annual Event (November) 

This is an annual one day Tournament hosted by Melrose Park Football Club and Ryde City Council and is sponsored by Football NSW. It is played in the spirit in which the global game of football is played.


We are celebrating the different language groups and cultures throughout the region through participation in the world game.


Location: Meadowbank Park, Constitution Road, West Ryde


Public transport:

- Meadowbank Train Station (4min walk)

- Meadowbank Ferry Wharf (6min walk)

- Bus 524 (directly out front fields)



Competitions in most age groups up until AA and O35.



- U6 to U10 games start from 9am

- U11-to U14 games start from 9.30 am

- U16 to AA and O35 start from 1pm


The draw is set out in groups i.e.: Group A, Group B, taking into consideration ages and levels of experience. Ensuring everyone gets to enjoy their football.



- Each team will play a minimum of four games

- Maximum number of players on the field at one time is six. Maximum Ten players per team

- 12min each half, interchange, no off sides

- Boots and shin pads must be worn.

- Matching coloured team shirts, where there is a clash of team colours bibs will be supplied

- Serious foul play, dissent of referee, or foul language will result in dismissal from the game

- Free kicks will all be indirect, i.e. no goal can be scored directly

- Provisions for penalty kicks when required to settle a game

- Under 6 and 7 – no goal keeper required

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